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About Charmian

Charmian at work Charmian Harris was born in Bath, Somerset in 1953 and spent much of her early childhood in Nigeria, returning to England aged 9 when her family settled in Cambridge. She trained initially in ceramics at Cambridge School of Art, later specialising in ceramics at the West Surrey School of Art, Farnham under Henry Hammond and Paul Barron. During this period Charmian took part in jewellery classes with Jacqueline Mina.

After leaving Farnham, Charmian went to work for Clive Bowen at the Shebbear Pottery in Devon where she helped to build his large woodfired kiln. It was here that she met her future husband, Nick Chapman, who was also working there at the time.

With two small children to look after, Charmian's ceramic production declined and gradually her interest in metalwork took hold. She uses techniques that are largely self-taught, always simple and which give importance to the design, colour and texture of the materials.

Charmian works in different carats and colours of gold, silver and semiprecious stones. She often fuses the metal before use, giving it a texture and softness that she enjoys. She uses charcoal blocks to cast the shanks of rings and to make the solid gold and silver beads which she uses as components in necklaces. Charmian uses hand tools and very simple equipment. Each piece is individually made.

She cuts and shapes her own stones, when necessary, using a diamond saw and carborundum wheels. Her stones come from all over world…sometimes she travels to choose them herself, otherwise she buys them from collectors, dealers and, in the case of Australian Opals, from the miners themselves.

· Early Greek and Roman jewellery
· Egyptian jewellery
· Pre-Columbian gold

Previous exhibitions include:

1984 New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
1984 Chelsea Craft Fair
1988 New Craftsman, St. Ives
1988 Goldsmiths’ Fair
1989 Goldsmiths’ Fair
1990 Chelsea Craft Fair
1991 Solo at Facets, Dartmouth
1991 Chelsea Craft Fair
1991 ‘Metalware’ Barbican
1992 Glasgow, Mayfest Dazzle
1993 Chelsea Craft Fair
1994 Art in Action
1994 Chelsea Craft Fair
1994 Oxford Gallery
1995 Art in Action
1996 Art in Action
1996 Chelsea Craft Fair
1997 Solo at Primavera, Cambridge
1997 ‘First Choice’ Devon Guild of Craftsmen
1997 Chelsea Craft Fair
1998 Goldsmiths’ Fair
1999 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2000 Art In Action
2000 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2001 Coombe Farm Gallery
2001 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2002 "SOFA" New York
2002 Art in Action
  2002 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2003 Art in Action
2003 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2004 Dartington Cider Press Centre
2004 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2005 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2006 Crafts at Bovey Tracey
2006 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2006 'London Rocks' at Sothebys
2007 Crafts at Bovey Tracey
2007 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2008 Crafts at Bovey Tracey
2008 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2009 Crafts at Bovey Tracey
2009 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2011 Crafts at Bovey Tracey
2011 Art in Action
2011 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2012 Crafts at Bovey Tracey
2012 Art in Action
2012 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2013 Art in Action
2013 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2014 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2016 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2018 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2019 Goldsmiths’ Fair
2020 "Desire" Chelsea.

Charmian’s work may be seen at selected events and at her workshop.
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Commissions are welcomed.
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