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Telephone / fax: 01805 622842
From outside UK: 0044 1805 622842.
Mobile: 07975 997 655
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My privacy policy.


My website does not collect cookies. This means that neither I nor my computer have any record of what you have looked at whilst browsing my website.

Credit/debit card and bank details.

I do not accept credit/debit cards for payment and therefore have no record of these details. I accept payment by cheque or bank transfer but I keep no record of your bank details.

Your purchases.

I keep a card-index record of your past purchases which includes a sketch or photo of the pieces that you have bought. I record the date, place and price of your purchase as well as your address, phone number and email where you have given these to me. This has proved very useful on numerous occasions to assist with insurance claims resulting from customers who have been burgled. None of this information is stored on my computer.

Your email address for notification of my coming events.

I use a third-party computer application called "Mail Chimp" to store your email address and to design and send you coming events information. None of this information is stored on my computer. Mail Chimp's privacy policy may be seen if you click here. Mail Chimp does not share or sell email lists and you can be assured that your information will be held securely.

To sum up...

I rely on personal contact with my customers, speaking to them in person by phone or email to discuss their purchases. You cannot buy with just the click of a mouse and a card number entered into a website! This also means that your transaction is just between us, private and secure, a rare thing in this increasingly automated and impersonal world. Have a look at my Webshop, find something that you like then give me a ring and we can talk about it. If you want to go ahead and buy it, either send me a cheque or I will give you my bank details over the phone and you can make a direct payment to me. Then I send you the piece by Special Delivery. Simple!

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